Booster Boxing Gloves BGLV9 White Gold

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Introducing the 'Booster Fight Gear' V9 Boxing Gloves - the epitome of top-quality craftsmanship and performance.

These gloves are 100% handmade in Thailand using genuine leather, making them the ideal choice for professional sparring and training.


The multi-layered high and low-density foam core of these gloves ensures optimal protection for your knuckles while effectively dispersing impact, providing the ultimate fighter protection.

You can train with confidence, knowing that your hands are safeguarded from injury.


Featuring a full +- 8cm wide Velcro closure, these gloves offer proper wrist support, allowing you to maintain stability and power in your punches.

The extra padded palm not only provides increased support but also offers added defensive protection, making these gloves versatile for both offensive and defensive techniques.


The interior lining of the gloves is specially designed to dry quickly, enabling the gloves to rid themselves of moisture and perspiration.

This feature not only helps maintain hygiene but also ensures that the gloves stay fresh during your training sessions.


To guarantee durability, the gloves are double-stitched with a perfectly positioned attached thumb.

These gloves are built to last and withstand the rigors of intense training and sparring sessions.


Meeting international standards, the 'Booster Fight Gear' V9 Boxing Gloves deliver incredible results.

With professional quality and the use of only the finest raw materials, these gloves offer uncompromising performance.


Not only do these gloves boast top-notch functionality, but they also feature powerful artwork by 'Booster Fight Gear', lending a touch of style and flair to your training gear.


Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen with years of experience in Thailand, the 'Booster Fight Gear' V3 Boxing Gloves showcase the expertise and passion poured into every detail.

Elevate your training and experience the difference with these exceptional gloves.

Unleash your full potential with 'Booster Fight Gear'.


- Handmade in Thailand

- professional quality

- 100% cowhide leather