Fairtex Boxing Gloves BGV5 Yellow

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Fairtex Boxing Gloves BGV5 Super Sparring Gloves Leather. Fairtex BGV5 super sparring boxing gloves with locked thumb. Provides more protection during sparring exercise when training Muay Thai or kickboxing. Ideal gloves for advanced fighters who perform a lot of sparring during their training sessions, developed to protect both your training partner and yourself. Fairtex original design with extra-thick padding at the knuckle area for maximum shock dispersion. Ergonomically contoured hand compartment, designed for optimal fist closure and to minimize wrist muscle tension. This is also referred to as a “grip bar”. Curved locked-thumb design to minimize eyes and thumb injuries. Specification's Fairtex (Kick)Boxing Gloves BGV5 : • Premium quality leather. • Three-layered foam system. • Unique contoured. • Provides a secure and snug fit. • Excellent hand and knuckle protection.