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Sourcing the highest quality Thai brands 

Let's get your gym set up with a pro shop

If your students are using cheap Everlast or RDX from Walmart, we should look into setting you up with pro shop.  You could have gear from Boon, Raja, King Pro, Fairtex, and Twins, and even branded gear with your gym logo. 

This is a great service to offer new students and can add a significant income stream to your business while increasing retention (new students who invest in gear tend to stay). Not many gyms do this, and I’ve honestly never understood why... new students don't know where to start and inevitably end up with seriously low quality product (or use 4th-hand gear from a box in your gym), and the reality is most would happily buy gear from you at the gym. 

I’m an American and former Muay Thai fighter based in Bangkok. I work directly with various Thai brands, factories, and wholesalers as a US distributor. I’ve been in the sport over a decade as a fighter, coach, marketing specialist, and business owner (both in US and Thailand). Having trained in countless gyms and trained with every type of gear, I know what works: what students want, what they value, and what products to rely on. 

Here’s what I can offer you:
Consultation: Help you determine ideal order quantities, retail prices, and product lines that suit your gym.
Order Arrangement: Manage the entire order process, ensuring seamless delivery.
Custom Gear: Personalize gear with your gym logo to enhance your brand.
Sales Strategy: Market-tested strategies, offers, and frameworks to make selling gear easy.

Please email me here with any questions and to schedule a call.


Patrick Murphy


US/ WhatsApp: +1 865-567-8895