Booster Bag GBB PRO

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Booster Gym bagLUXURY GYM / TRAVEL BAG It does not matter whether your training is in international boxing, Muay Thai, MMA or all of them at once; there is one thing for sure= You have a LOT of gear. From boxing gloves to shin protectors to shorts to punching mitts, a whole bunch of equipment goes along with martial arts training. The 'Booster Fight Gear' bag is an ideal way to carry it all. - This high-quality Sport Bag is made of durable premium grade water proof nylon. - It is both tough and colorful. - It has several pockets and compartments of various sizes; perfect for all your gear big and small. - It features different 'Booster Fight Gear' logos . - size : 66 x 31 x 36cm