Fairtex Shorts BS1904

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The color of this collection is faded to create a captivating color spectrum, offering a unique and dynamic perspective

  • Slimmer than the traditional Fairtex sizing, providing enhanced mobility and agility
  • Piping on the leg for added style and visual appeal
  • Slim cut Muay Thai shorts with a high side slit, allowing for unrestricted kicking and enhanced range of motion during training and fights
  • Featuring a smaller 6-strip elastic waistband, instead of the traditional 8, providing a secure and comfortable fit without compromising on style or performance
  • Larger fit than kickboxing collection for optimal comfort and flexibility
  • Crafted with Micro Satin fabric for exceptional durability and luxurious feel
  • Premium fabric enhances overall performance and allows fighters to unleash their full potential
  • Comes with zip lock packaging and hanger included, for convenient storage and easy transport