Sizing Chart

TOP KING USA was kind enough to allow the sharing of this sizing guide. Please note this applies to Top King Boxing products, but it can serve as a rough guide to ordering any Muay Thai boxing gear.

*For details on other brands, please scroll below to see images.

Boxing Gloves
Boxing gloves come in many sizes and models. The size that you will need is really dependent on your training regime.

For Example, 8-10oz boxing gloves are usually used for competition usage. However they can also be used for pad/bag work or with individuals with smaller hands. 12oz gloves are normally used for pad/bag work and are a good sized glove to also build up your endurance and stamina. 14-16oz gloves are generally used for free sparring, but it is not unheard of to use them for pad/bag work to build up even more strength in your boxing.

It should be noted that the size of the hand compartment differs slightly depending on the oz of the glove. For Example, the size of an 8oz hand compartment will be smaller than the size of a 10oz hand compartment. You should bear this in mind if you are intending to wear hand wraps, because I have seen it when individuals have wrapped their hands and found it difficult to get them into the gloves.

Shin Pads
Shin pad sizing is quite an easy one to any the question of sizing. Our shin pads are sized based on your shin length (from just under you knee cap to your instep). The sizing for our shin pads is as followed:

12”-13” | Small
13”-14” | Medium
14”-15” | Large
15”-16” | Extra Large

A fully grown male will usually need a large shin pad. Whilst a fully grown female will generally take a medium.

Head Guards
When it comes to choosing a size of a head guard it's paramount to get the right size, as the wrong sized head guard can result in a double impact effect that may lead to injury. Fortunately it's pretty straight forward when it comes to choosing the sizing. The average adult head circumference is 24", which means they will need a large when it comes to our head guards. We also have medium head guards available as well. The medium head guards are for individuals who have a head circumference of 22". All the head guards are full adjustable to ensure a safe and secure fit.

Muay Thai Shorts
The market for Muay Thai Shorts is vast. There are 1000s of designs from many different manufactures. This is when things start to get a little bit complicated, because each manufacturer have their own sizing. This means that a size in one brand might not be the same in another. To clarify this I have put together a sizing chart below for our Muay Thai Shorts:

26” | Small
28” | Medium
30” | Large
32” | Extra Large


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